Munchkin cat for sale or Scottish fold Cats or , in their own way, are also loyal, playful and make excellent pets to every family too. (218) 622-4061

Adorable Munchkin cat cats for sale

Welcome to Kitty Cat Cattery, we dedicate our lives to the breeding of Munchkin cat for sale and Scottish fold munchkin for sale for any family who is caring and loving who needs to add our beautiful fur babies to their lives. Our kittens are well behave and well trained to fit into any family with kids, dogs and other pets. Getting a munchkin kitten or Scottish fold munchkin from our cattery will mean getting a loving and passionate friend or partner for the rest of your lives.
In addition, at Kitty Cat Cattery we have affectionate and importantly very playful munchkin kittens for sale ready to bring all the fun to your family. Get ready for the most memorable, fun times of your life furthermore, see our beautiful munchkin cats for sale and Scottish fold cats for sale here:

munchkin cat for sale


Age: 14 weeks old Breed: Standard Munchkin Gender; Male. (218) 622-4061

munchkin cat breeder


Age: 14 weeks old Breed: Standard Munchkin Gender; Female. (218) 622-4061

munchkin cat for sale


Age: 14 weeks old Breed: Standard Munchkin Gender; Female. (218) 622-4061

scottish fold munchkin cat for sale


Age: 12 weeks old Breed: Scottish Fold Munchkin Gender; Female. (218) 622-4061

scottish fold cat for sale


Age: 12 weeks old Breed: Scottish Fold Munchkin Gender; Female. (218) 622-4061

scottish fold breeder


Age: 12 weeks old Breed: Scottish Fold Munchkin Gender; Female.(218) 622-4061



Age: 13 weeks old Breed: Standard Munchkin Gender; Female. (218) 622-4061



Age: 13 weeks old Breed: Standard Munchkin Gender; Female. (218) 622-4061



Age: 11 weeks old Breed: Scottish Fold Munchkin Gender; Female. (218) 622-4061

Breeding Parents

munchkin cat for sale
munchkin cat

Do munchkin Cats have any health treats?

Yes, munchkin kitten for adoption have serious health issues as compared to other breeds of cats out Here. They are genetically mutated that’s why they have short legs in other words called “dwarf cats or short leg cats”. The common health issues are as a result of their mutation. And they have bone deformities and others with a hollowed chest. We are here to help you throughout the entire growth process.  And we provide our clients with a small booklet written by me and my husband which guides you on how again to grow a healthy munchkin cat.

Who are we?

We are a small TICA registered cattery located in the beautiful Duluth, MN. We are specializing in munchkin and Scottish fold breeding. Our kittens are raised in a cage free, friendly and very social environment. Before we started this beautiful journey. We were once just like you and others looking for a good munchkin breeder to get that special dream kitten nor...... Read more on ...

Scottish fold cat for sale

munchkin cat for sale

Shipping and delivery

You have access to a variety of delivery options from us. We deliver to the lower 48 states and abroad. Only in-cabin deliveries are made by us. Alaska and Hawaii are inclusive from the all-inclusive policy for the United States. We can give you a price quote for hand delivering your furry child into your arms. Read more on our shipping and delivery page.


munchkin cat

Reservation or contact list

If you’d like to be contacted when a kitten becomes available but aren’t ready to make a deposit just yet, you can be added to our “free” Contact List. Only after everyone on the waitlist has a chance to get the kitten will you be given the opportunity to purchase.

Can I get a discount?

If you or your friends buy 2 or more kittens at the same time and they travel together on the same flight then we can offer you around 250-450 USD discount from the final price. This discount is not valid for all Scottish folds, Munchkin cats and kittens, please contact us for more information.


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Our Happy Clients!

My wife and I wanted a new kitten after losing our 16 1/2 year old Bumble. Equally Looking at many websites for over two months the only one that we kept coming back to was kitty cat cattery. We want to thank Joanne for answering our many calls and text. We highly recommend Joanne to anyone who is looking for the best. Our experience was very positive and would not hesitate to purchase another kitten from the breeder.

munchkin cat for sale

Herman Smith

I couldn’t be happier with our experience with kitty cat cattery. There were a couple catteries that offered the same breeds locally but no one made me feel comfortable as she did. She is super knowledgeable and always made herself available for any questions or concerns during the reservation/purchase process. Besides Carine came home well socialized AND litter box trained! She is so affectionate and we fell in love with him instantly. I’ve already decided to take the 3 and a half hour trip to kitty cat carry for our next kitten in the coming months!

munchkin cat for sale

Shelly Barns

We picked up our Chloe today, and we are dazed and dreamy. I did not think it would be our turn yet, but by miraculous chance we were able to secure Chloe on Thursday, and picked her up today on Saturday. This is our first pet and I had so many questions in the whole process. Lastly Carine has been very professional and also very kind and treated my nervousness with empathy. Meeting her in person was a pleasure today, and her kittens and her service is worth every dime.

munchkin cat for sale

Damon Fringa

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