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Mnchkin cat for sale .Have you very wished you could have a sweet, beautiful, loving cat that would maintain the looks of a kitten its life? If you are looking for such an adorable cat, you should get a Munchkin Cat. What exactly is a Munchkin Cat?

Munchkin Cat or cats is a cat breed with a congenital mutation that causes it to have shorter than normal legs. This mutation is caused by an autosomal dominant gene. Munchkin Cats are divided into three categories – super, standard short, and rug hugger.

If  you would love or you’re interested in bringing one of these loving sweet kitties home, you’re definitely asking yourself some questions about the breed. Do they have any health issues due to their mutation? Do they need special care? What kind of personality do they have? Do they shed? This guide will answer all these questions for you. Before jumping into all that, however, let’s take a look at whether Munchkin Cats for sale are suitable for first-time owners. Munchkin cat for sale

Are Munchkin Cats a perfect choice for First-Time Owners?

Absolutely yes, Munchkin Cats or kittens are totally okay for first-time owners. Here are common questions these happy owners have about Munchkin Cats.

How Do You Tell If A Kitten Is A Munchkin or another breed?

Munchkin kittens or cats  are characterized by a normal-sized body paired with shorter than normal legs. If you notice that a kitten has the normal body size for kittens, but then they have abnormally short legs, with the front legs a bit shorter than the hind legs, what you’re looking at is a Munchkin Kitten for sale.

Do they Stay Small?

A fully grown Munchkin Cat will have the same head and body size as fully grown, ordinary cats. Due to their shorter legs, they look much smaller than other fully grown cats. This is what gives special breed Munchkin Cats the kitten-like appearance. Munchkin cat for sale

How Big Can Munchkin Cats Get or Grow Munchkin cat for sale?

Fully grown Munchkin cats have a height of about 6 to 9 inches, compared to average cats, which have a height of about 8 to 10 inches. A fully grown Munchkin Cats will weigh about 5 to 10 lbs on average.

Do they Have Health Issues?


The autosomal dominant gene that causes short legs in Munchkin Cats has not been linked to any health issues that can cause Munchkin Cats to die early.

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